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My name is Allen Oelschlaeger and the box above provides a brief overview of my background. In case you are interested, here are some more details.

I grew up in the Northwest (central Oregon, Seattle) and attended college at Washington State University. While I changed majors a few times, I ended up with degrees in biology and pharmacy (cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa), which led me to Philadelphia to participate in a hospital pharmacy residency program at Thomas Jefferson University.

I remained in Philadelphia for 6 years to practice as a hospital pharmacist and attend the Wharton School of Business (MBA, 1983). Then, for the next 12 years, my wife and I (and ultimately two great kids) lived in Indianapolis, Seattle, Toronto and Milwaukee as I ascended through various executive positions – primarily in marketing, sales and strategy – in the medical device industry.

One of the most impactful things I did during this period was to help develop and lead the launch and marketing of the world’s first automatic defibrillator. Since then, countless lives have been saved with this innovative device that radically changed the nature of emergency cardiac care.

In 1995, I shifted my career from corporate environments to the technology start-up world and, over the next five years, I got involved at senior level positions in three venture-funded medical device companies.

With that background, I decided to quit having a real “job” in 2000 and started my life as an entrepreneur. Since then I have founded four companies:

  • Telaric — an intellectual property firm with over 30 patents that spun out two angel-funded startups
  • Martial Arts Marketing Network — a digital marketing and consulting agency serving the martial arts school industry
  • Vistelar — a consulting and training institute focused on addressing the entire spectrum of human conflict at the point of impact
  • Goodlook Marketing  — a digital marketing agency focused on helping clients be seen as the recognized authority in their market niche.

In addition, during the late 2000s, I was on the marketing faculty at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, published two books on weight, nutrition, and fitness and was one of the first four users of the renowned Infusionsoft CRM (customer relationship management) system.

Goodlook Marketing is also the developer of a cloud-based multi-media communication platform that enables sales representatives (SalesSay Systems) and information marketers (Content XLerator) to simply and easily:

  • Record/upload content of all media types — video, audio, image, file, and text — which is privately hosted in the cloud
  • Select destinations for this multimedia content from a list of website, social media, email system and other online properties
  • Distribute/publish this content to the selected destinations

Today I function as a classic entrepreneur with more interests than time in the day. For example, just in the last couple of years, I have:

  • Written or helped write several books and manuals in Vistelar’s Confidence In Conflict series.
  • Developed market-specific conflict management online training courses ( for over twenty disciplines (e.g., law enforcement, business, k-12 education, healthcare, higher education, retail loss prevention, public transit).
  • Managed the evolution and complete rewrite of the SalesSay/CXL SAAS application (from its origins as a fledgling project for the Packers Hall of Fame) using Laravel PHP framework, Angular 5 JavaScript framework, and Google’s Material Design. Next up — launch this technology out of beta later in 2018.
  • Created a professional youth anti-bullying curriculum (, in conjunction with my partner at Martial Arts Marketing Network, that is based on our eight years of experience in anti-bullying training within hundreds of youth-focused organizations and with over a million students taught.
  • Developed the fifth generation of the Digital Enrollment Director (first system launched in 2007), a comprehensive online lead generation system for martial arts schools.
  • Helped originate several podcasts, including Martial Arts School Growth, Strategic Landlording, Ignite Your Life and The Conflict Report (with more in development)
  • Edited and published several books through our two publishing house imprints: Truths Publishing and Goodlook Publishing.
  • Built Goodlook Marketing, Vistelar and Martial Arts Marketing Network into impactful, fast-growing and profitable businesses.

Through my experience with these recent projects and my decades of work in corporate, start-up and entrepreneurial environments, I feel like I’ve been blessed with a wide range of talents (along with lots of luck) that have enabled me to do some very cool career-related things with my life (not to mention what I’ve done relative to the other aspects of my time above ground, which is a whole other story).

However, when I think about my “superpower” (we all have at least one), I’ve concluded it’s my ability to bring simplicity to complexity. For whatever reason, I can look at a very complex issue and almost immediately strip it down to its simple elements. Then, I seem to be able to effectively communicate those elements to others, both verbally and in writing.

I’m looking forward to applying this “superpower,” as well as my other talents, to my three businesses and all other aspects of my life over the coming decades.