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Hey guys, my name is Evan Oelschlaeger. A brief summary of me is above, but here is a longer description.

I was born in Seattle and lived in Canada for a couple of years as an infant, but then my family moved to the midwest when I was three and we settled down in Mequon, WI. I was a bit of a “renaissance kid,” participating in a wide array of activities from soccer to chess to cello. As a result, when I arrived at college (Macalester College) in St. Paul MN, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, which is a pretty good place to be when attending a liberal arts college. I was able to spend my freshman year exploring all of the different opportunities offered to me via a university education.

By my sophomore year, I had figured out my educational path. I decided to pursue majors in both Philosophy and Cognitive Neuroscience. I was interested in the pursuit of wisdom offered by philosophy but realized that an understanding of human psychology, based in the scientific method, was necessary to truly pursue and attain that wisdom. (An aside — if you want to get me talking, ask me about any of the big philosophical questions e.g., Do humans have free will?)

Upon graduation in 2012, I realized that I wanted to take a stab at the entrepreneurial business world. I knew that my majors in both Philosophy and Neuroscience would need to be sold to any prospective employer, but I thought I had a pretty good story.

My neuroscience degree provided me insight into the behavior of customers and individuals, an invaluable benefit in marketing. On the philosophy side, the subject matter probably didn’t have any value, but the writing skills I gained from writing philosophy papers for 4 years put me miles ahead of most people my age. Writing a report is a very different type of writing, but writing a persuasive philosophy paper is much more comparable to writing in the business world.

After exploring a few options of what I wanted to do with myself, I decided to return home and work with my Dad. I’d done work for him and his companies during high school and college and really believed in the business. It also gave me that entrepreneurial atmosphere that I realized I craved.

Since joining the company in late 2012, I realized that I had a real passion for automating marketing processes. Our company uses the Infusionsoft® customer relationship management system (CRM), one of the big players in SMB marketing automation space. I was fortunate enough to be able to become certified as an Infusionsoft consultant in 2014, and have been honing my understanding and implementation of marketing automation — with Infusionsoft and many other tools — ever since.

However, as in all entrepreneurial environments, I’ve been required to wear many other hats beyond just lead generation and marketing automation. As a result, I’ve become quite an expert in all the other elements of helping clients be seen as the recognized authority in their market niche — including SEO, paid search, multimedia content marketing, e-learning, podcasting, and publishing.

During my pre-college years, I was sort of a “renaissance kid.” Now I feel like a “renaissance adult” and am excited about what the future holds.