Narrowcasting has become a must-do for almost every organization

Print media is near dead and broadcast media is being rapidly displaced by “narrowcasting.”

The term narrowcasting was first coined by J. C. R. Licklider (considered the father of interactive computing) in a 1967 report where he envisioned programming focused on a specific (narrow) topic rather than the monolithic mass-appeal broadcast approach being used at the time.

Narrowcasting disseminates information to a narrow audience defined by values, preferences, demographic attributes or subscription.

History of Narrowcasting

Cable television was the start of this trend in the 1980s, which took 10 to 15 years to mature. iTunes brought us podcasting (narrowcast online TV shows and radio programs) in the mid-2000s, which passed 1 billion subscribers in 2013.

Today narrowcasting has evolved to also include eBooks with video/audio content, YouTube channels where over 6 billion hours of video are consumed each month, multichannel networks (MCNs) that recruit independent video talent and provide them with a cut of advertising revenue (e.g., AwesomenessTV with over 150 million subscribers) and social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter).

Collectively, these narrowcast networks have access to the eyes and ears of over 50% of the human race — and that percentage is growing fast with the exploding global adoption of smartphones and tablet computers.

Narrowcasting also includes disseminating information in video and audio formats to an internal audience such as an organization’s employees, an association’s members, or conference attendees.

Enterprise Online Video and Audio Management

All this has led to a multi-billion dollar industry called Enterprise Online Video and Audio Management, which delivers these benefits:

  • More visitor engagement on all online properties
  • Increased impact of content marketing initiatives
  • More effective online interactions
  • Greater team productivity

The problem is that this industry has catered to very large corporations so small to midsize organizations haven’t had access to solutions that enable them to take full advantage of the incredible power of narrowcasting, online video and podcasting.

That’s where Goodlook Marketing comes in — to offer narrowcasting services to smaller companies so they can take full advantage of the narrowcasting revolution.

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