We address the primary challenges facing almost all small to midsize businesses

We have a long history of working both within and with small to midsize businesses like yours, so we deeply understand the challenges you face. Addressing these challenges, as outlined below, is our focus.

First, we’ve never talked to a business owner who did not want more customers. That’s why the emphasis of everything we do is on driving traffic, lead generation and sales results.

Second, we recognize that digital marketing is complicated. That’s why we have a fanatic focus on keeping things simple, fast and easy — and we never make unrealistic assumptions about what our clients can do, want to do or have time to do (you can test this focus by requesting our free SEO Audit Report)

Third, we understand that no business owner has an unlimited budget. That’s why we operate under the principle that good enough is good enough to ensure that are fees deliver the biggest bang for the buck.

Fourth, we know that business owners want to minimize their number of suppliers. That’s why we work with all marketing media formats (online, mobile and offline) and have expertise across all four necessities for great marketing (creative strategy, multimedia content marketing, cutting-edge technology, brilliant design) to accomplish the goals above.

Finally, we grasp the incredible power of being seen as the recognized authority in your market niche (more customers, higher prices, greater loyalty, lower marketing costs). That’s why we’ve invested so heavily in developing our expertise in lead generation, marketing automation, e-learning programs, video production, podcasting & audio, and publishing services.

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