Optimize your online presence and generate more leads

The online properties of most businesses are a total waste of the time and money spent to develop and maintain them. A business’s website, blog, landing pages and social media accounts have one purpose – to drive profitable customer action – and rarely do they accomplish that goal at the level they should.

At Goodlook Marketing we use the term “authority” to describe the online properties we develop and maintain because that’s their intent – to position our clients as the recognized authority in their market niche, which results in more customers, higher prices, greater loyalty and lower marketing costs.

Much more than just a website

To generate leads online now requires much more than just having a fancy website.

Today, businesses must:

  • Have multiple online properties (website, blog, social media accounts, landing pages, learning management system)
  • Aggressively use all forms of content marketing, including search marketing, inbound marketing, editorial advertising, public relations, email marketing, social media, eLearning, and newsletter marketing
  • Maintain an effective search engine optimization effort (get your free SEO audit report)
  • Take advantage of online advertising (e.g., pay-per-click advertising, group buying platforms, retargeting)

The reality is that the most powerful marketing medium on the planet — the Internet — has become horrendously complex.

Goodlook Marketing, located in Milwaukee, WI, has invested in the people and the online technologies to make it possible for our clients to gain the full lead-generation power of the Internet without having to deal with its complexity. We have a fanatic focus on keeping things simple, fast and easy, so we never make unrealistic assumptions about what our customers can do, want to do or have time to do.

Get our free online marketing success report

To review our approach for the development and maintenance of a business’s Internet presence, please read our report: The Eight Critical Goals For Online Marketing Success: Learn how to create a great online presence for your business despite the horrendous complexity of the Internet (one of the many valuable reports available when you sign up to get a free 3D animation of your logo).

Here is a brief overview of the first five of the eight goals:

  • Traffic – getting people to visit your online properties
  • Conversion – getting visitors to take some sort of action so you can interact with them again
  • Pre-frame – getting visitors, before they take the next step with you, predisposed to do business with your company
  • Credibility – convincing visitors they should feel confident in doing business with your company
  • Personality – demonstrating your business is operated by real people with whom visitors can relate

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