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Education and training used to be primarily a classroom phenomenon.

Kids in school and college sat in classrooms to learn and, once they were out of school, mostly learned new knowledge and skills by attending a college/university or sitting in a hotel conference room — either in their local area to save money or at a remote location if they could justify the additional cost for better quality training.

Alternatively, people could purchase a “home study course” with DVDs, CDs, manuals, and workbooks.

The education and training world is changing — rapidly

Today this historical learning model is being turned on its head.

There is no longer a school in the United States that doesn’t have some part of its curriculum available in an online form. Some schools use a 100% eLearning model.

Many schools have adopted a “flipped classroom” model where the students use their non-classroom time to study online resources and then, in class, do “project-based” learning with almost no lecture by the teacher.

Businesses have cut way back on their classroom training and now offer the training that used to be done in a classroom via online courses.

Information marketers (e.g., book authors, speakers, training companies, online info marketers, religious leaders, coaches, politicians, local media companies, etc.) are now reaching far more people by utilizing eLearning.

Goodlook Marketing saw this coming

Goodlook Marketing had the insight to realize that all of the above was going to happen, so the company has invested heavily in eLearning technology and expertise since its formation in 2009.

Goodlook Marketing, located in Milwaukee Wisconsin, provides the full range of e-learning Program services to help you move your education and training online:

  • Production strategy
  • Title and subtitle selection
  • Content outlining / instructional design / writing
  • Video and audio production (recording and editing)
  • Graphic design
  • LMS (learning management system) selection and setup
  • Course construction
  • Direct response online marketing

It used to be that, to get an online course produced, literally cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. While you can still spend that kind of money, new technology and our years of experience enables us to produce eLearning programs at a wide range of prices.

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