To “be seen as the recognized authority in your market niche,” you must demonstrate your expertise via speaking and publishing.

  • Speaking can be in the form of public speaking, live training, webinars, podcasts, online video, and media appearances
  • Publishing can be in the form of books (print, eBook, audiobook, flip-book), articles (written for others, published on own properties, syndicated), podcasts/webinars (your own, as a guest), and eLearning programs

Of all of these methods, publishing a book should be your #1 method to establish authority because, for your area of expertise, the end result is that “You’ve written the book on it.”

Having a published book is a catalyst for other drivers of authority, including speaking engagements and public relations. It also provides a valuable giveaway for use in a variety of situations (e.g., pre-meeting gift, raffle donation, free offer on your website, social media contests).

Ask any author about the impact of publishing a book and you will get an earful of enthusiasm. As an expert, you are probably fully aware of the value of being a published author but, in case not, you should read these two articles: (“If you want to be considered an authority in your field, then writing a book is your best ticket to get where you want to go”) (“For any business, there is no more essential tool of authority than authorship”)


If publishing a book is the #1 method to establish authority, why aren’t more people using this method to demonstrate their expertise?

The reason is that the three available approaches to book publishing don’t work for most experts:

  • Get a publisher

This requires you to write a proposal, find an agent to represent you, get accepted by a publisher, finish your manuscript, and then wait 18 to 30 months for your book to be introduced. The end result is that you lose control of your book and you receive royalty payments of just 7-15% of the book’s wholesale price (usually less than a dollar per book).

  • Use a vanity publisher

Here you pay literally tens of thousands of dollars for the publisher’s services, which include editing, cover design, internal layout, book production (print, ebook, audiobook), and limited distribution services (e.g., add to online bookstores, make available to a few bookstore distributors). With this option, you still lose partial control of your book and, to purchase printed books for your own use, you must pay wholesale price.

  • Self-publishing

Here you figure out how to do each of the numerous publishing steps yourself. You keep control of your book and can purchase printed books at cost. However, self-publishing is a complicated process and, potentially, quite expensive if you don’t know what you are doing. Also, it provides less credibility to the book author than a book published by a branded book publisher.

For most experts, none of these approaches are a viable option.

Goodlook Marketing’s Publishing Services

The non-viable options described above is why Goodlook Marketing developed it’s “fourth approach” book-publishing services.

With this set of services, the expert needs to only write their book — and then everything else is taken care of by Goodlook Marketing at a very manageable price.

In fact, Goodlook Marketing can even help you get your book written via our ghost-writing or “speak your book” services (five hours of recording translates to a 130-page book).

With Goodlook Marketing’s publishing services, you:

  • Retain complete control of your book and your book’s copyright (e.g., you can select your book’s title and subtitle and write your own back-cover copy)
  • Get your book published within a couple of months
  • Can purchase printed books for your own use in any quantity at a price lower than wholesale (no need to purchase an inventory of books)
  • Have your book published by a branded book publisher (Goodlook Publishing)
  • Have your book published in any of these formats: print, e-book, audiobook, flip book


  • Complete publishing services, which includes: $5,000 for a 130-page book
    • Publishing strategy consulting
    • Assistance with the title and subtitle selection
    • Cover design and internal layout
    • Assistance with back cover copywriting
    • Editing and proofreading
    • Selection and management of book printer
    • Less-than-wholesale price per book
  • Add-On Services
    • Conversion to e-book: $500
    • Conversion to an audiobook (using professional voice talent): $250/hour final book-length
    • Conversion to flip book and hosting: $200 plus $10/month
    • Speak Your Book services: Request Quote
    • Ghostwriting services: Request Quote
    • Book distribution services (add to online bookstores, make available to book distributors): Request Quote
    • Book marketing services: Request Quote