To “be seen as the recognized authority in your market niche,” you must demonstrate your expertise via speaking and publishing.

  • Speaking can be in the form of public speaking, live training, webinars, podcasts, online video, and media appearances
  • Publishing can be in the form of books (print, eBook, audio book, flip-book), articles (written for others, published on own properties, syndicated), podcasts/webinars (your own, as a guest), and eLearning programs.

However, in order for your expertise to be the foundation of a viable business, you also must be able to:

  • Keep track of your list of prospects and customers
  • Send emails and texts to your prospects and customers
  • Keep track of your sales efforts
  • Process sales and collect money

You can obviously do all of this manually but, if that’s the approach you take, the likely outcome will be:

  • Lost data (think of all those business cards sitting on your desk and the potential customers who visit your online properties but leave without contacting you)
  • Inconsistent follow-up (think about all the lost sales opportunities that result from dropping the ball on prospect follow-up or not staying in touch regularly with current customers)
  • Being buried in manual work (you should be focused on activities that demonstrate your expertise rather than maintaining a customer database, sending correspondence that could be automated, keeping track of all sales leads, and processing orders)

What you need are automation systems that do most of this work for you. Such systems usually have the following components:

  • Email Marketing system (online database of all prospects and customers, captures leads within the database from online forms, enables email blasts to segments of the database, enables automated email follow-up campaigns, tracks marketing campaign conversion statistics, generates marketing reports)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system (online database of all active sales, tracks all sales activity, generates sales forecasting reports)
  • Shopping Cart —> Merchant Account —> Bank system

An integrated system including all of these components (which can be one system or a combination of two or three systems) provides the following benefits:

  • No lost data relative to prospects, sales activity, orders, and customers
  • Marketing efforts are dramatically more effective
  • Sales representatives spend more time selling
  • Enables ROI (return on investment) tracking of your marketing and sales efforts
  • Significantly less manual work


If automation systems provide all of the benefits listed above, why aren’t these systems universally used?

There are two reasons:

  • Sales and marketing executives generally lack the technological expertise to know which tools are available, which are best for a particular situation, and how to implement them effectively and efficiently
  • Technology personnel — either internal or outsourced — lack the necessary sales and marketing expertise to know how to best use automation systems to provide real value

The result is that few initiatives to implement automation systems deliver on the promised results. In fact, most of these efforts outright fail.

To be successful with automation systems, it’s essential to have a complete and accurate understanding of:

  • The appropriate role of technology in the overall sales and marketing process
  • The best tools available in each technology category for the specific situation
  • How to implement the selected technology in the most efficient way possible

Most organizations don’t have this understanding or the technological / sales & marketing expertise to develop this understanding.

Goodlook Marketing’s Automation Systems

This lack of understanding is why Goodlook Marketing developed its automation system services.

This set of services helps organizations select, implement and maintain automation systems to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of their sales and marketing efforts — in the most practical and cost-effective way possible.

During these projects, we have a fanatical focus on keeping things simple, fast and easy. We understand that our customers have organizations to run, so we never make unrealistic assumptions about what our customers can do, want to do or have time to do.

The team at Goodlook Marketing has been involved in the sales and marketing automation industry since the 1980s and have stayed up-to-date on the latest developments ever since.

We know how to use technology to drive traffic to your website (which should be the hub of your sales and marketing efforts) and other online properties, automate your online marketing processes, make your sales representatives more efficient and effective, process orders, provide reports to enable good decisions, and reduce your workload.

In addition, we understand both sales/marketing AND technology — and can explain both such that anyone can understand.

In addition, we aren’t like most technology vendors with just one product to sell (or, worse, who recommend a custom-programmed solution). Instead, we evaluate your needs and recommend what we believe is the best solution for your situation.

For example, one technology vendor that gets a lot of visibility is HubSpot, a great choice for many companies. But it’s quite expensive to purchase and maintain and, despite its sophistication, doesn’t have an integrated shopping cart. However, HubSpot offers a free version of its sales CRM which is one of the best on the market.

Therefore, for organizations who can’t afford a full HubSpot implementation (or organizations that might be able to afford this system, but it would be a poor choice), we’ve developed an integration between one of the premier email marketing systems (Infusionsoft) and the HubSpot sales CRM. This integration enables an organization to implement a sophisticated marketing automation program that synchronizes with a built-in shopping cart, while providing their sales representatives with a simple-to-use system to track sales activity — for an initial and ongoing price that’s a fraction of HubSpot.


At Goodlook Marketing, we never want to be “a carpenter with only a hammer where every problem looks like a nail.” Therefore, we need to carefully analyze the problems and needs of an organization before recommending an automation-systems solution that is both practical and cost-effective.

As a result, we can only provide a price quote for our automation systems services after an initial consultation or, in some cases, a full needs-assessment project.