To “be seen as the recognized authority in your market niche,” you must demonstrate your expertise via speaking and publishing.

  • Speaking can be in the form of public speaking, live training, webinars, podcasts, online video, and media appearances
  • Publishing can be in the form of books (print, eBook, audiobook, flip book), articles (written for others, published on own properties, syndicated), podcasts/webinars (your own, as a guest), and eLearning programs

Of all of these methods, podcasting and webinars are the very best methods to demonstrate your expertise, because they:

  1. Serve as both a Speaking and a Publishing activity
  2. Are the best way to land “guest-expert opportunities” (guest on someone else’s podcast/webinar, public speaking engagements)
  3. Are the most efficient way to produce content in the widest range of formats for the broadest range of distribution channels

Relative to this third reason, here are the possibilities:

  • Formats: original audio or video, convert audio to video, transcribe audio to article — in full or cut-up lengths
  • Online Channels: podcast platforms (iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn), your website blog, other people’s blogs, social media accounts (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Daily Motion), Amazon author page (if you’ve published a book), podcast networks
  • Other Channels: print or email newsletters,, market-specific forums, and magazines

The key message here is that, with the correct process in place, a podcast/webinar can be broadly distributed to multiple channels and in multiple formats (audio, video, text).


If podcasting and webinars are the very best methods to “be seen as the recognized authority in your market niche,” why aren’t more people using these methods to demonstrate their expertise?

The reason is that podcasting and webinars require you to have:

  • Your own professional recording studio, which is complicated and pricey to set up. Alternatively, you could access an existing studio but, for a frequently published podcast/webinar, that would be prohibitively expensive
  • Access to an audio engineer to produce a high-quality intro/outro and edit/master your recording to professional audio standards (e.g., fix mistakes, remove extraneous sounds, balance audio levels, filter out background noises, ensure required decibel headroom, and master to a 192kbps, 44.1kHz, constant bit rate file)
  • Access to a professional transcriber and video production service in order to convert your podcast/webinar into multiple formats so it can be distributed to a wide range of channels
  • A mechanism to move large video/audio files from your recording device to the audio engineer, transcriber, and video production service
  • The expertise to setup podcast channels, website blog, social media accounts, and other channels of distribution
  • An online account that hosts your podcasts/webinars and provides you with the RSS link required by podcast channels, code to stream video/audio to your online properties, and a play link for your podcasts/webinars to share with your contact list
  • The know-how and time to post your podcasts/webinars to the appropriate channels of distribution (which are numerous)
  • The marketing expertise to get the maximum value from your podcasts/webinars.
  • A podcast/webinar coach to get you started and ensure you continuously improve over time
  • For higher-end productions, access to other services (voice talent, co-host services, sound-effects)

Meeting all of these podcasting/webinar requirements is an impossibility for most experts and, as a result, few take advantage of this best method to demonstrate their expertise.

Goodlook Marketing’s Podcast/Webinar Service

The impossible situation described above is why Goodlook Marketing developed its comprehensive and cost-effective process to address all of the above challenges.

With this process, the expert needs to only do the following:

  • Schedule the time of the recording (which can be anytime — days, nights, weekends)
  • At the scheduled time, click on a link sent by email and, if guest(s) is/are joining, ask them to click on the same link.
  • Start talking and, at the end of the recording, stop talking

That’s it — everything else is taken care of by Goodlook Marketing.

Here are some additional details of this service:

  • There can be up to ten guests on the recording.
  • If set up in advance, podcasts/webinars can be shared via live programs that can be heard/viewed on the host’s website and Facebook Live.
  • Initial Setup Services include:
    • Initial strategy consulting
    • Developing podcast cover art and producing intro/outro
    • Complete testing of host audio/video setup
    • Setting up of all channel of distribution
  • Recording Services include:
    • Access to Goodlook Marketing’s professional remote recording studio
    • Live moderation of the recording session in which the moderator will 1) do initial testing to ensure a quality recording; 2) be available to address technical issues during the recording; 3) mark mistakes for later removal during editing; 4) provide suggestions to the host at the end of the recording on how to improve.
    • Audio file editing by a professional audio engineer
    • Podcast/webinar hosting
    • Ongoing quality assurance monitoring
    • Monthly analytics reporting
  • Distribution/Promotional Services include:
    • Transcription and, for audio recordings, conversion to video
    • Development of graphic, video, and audio excerpts for ongoing marketing use
    • Posting to all appropriate channels of distribution, initially and over time
    • Ongoing marketing consultation
  • Access to higher-end production services (voice talent, co-host services, sound-effects)
  • Host is required to purchase $50 to $100 of equipment. Guest(s) can often get by with equipment they already own but the recording quality will be higher if they use the same equipment used by the host.
  • Host is responsible for writing podcast/webinar title, description, show notes, and promotional copy


  • Initial Setup Services (see above for what is included): $1,000
  • Recording Services (see above for what is included): $7.00/minute
  • Distribution/Promotional Services (see above for what is included): $200/session
  • Add-On Services:
    • Live Intro/Outro (instead of recorded): $25/session
    • Co-Host Services: $2.00/minute
    • Production/Insertion of Advertisement: Request Quote
    • Custom Enhanced Recording (music, sound effects, etc.): Request Quote