To “be seen as the recognized authority in your market niche,” you must demonstrate your expertise via speaking and publishing.

  • Speaking can be in the form of public speaking, live training, webinars, podcasts, online video, and media appearances
  • Publishing can be in the form of books (print, eBook, audiobook, flip-book), articles (written for others, published on own properties, syndicated), podcasts/webinars (your own, as a guest), and eLearning programs

However, none of these efforts will do you any good if no one knows you exist.

You can certainly use traditional methods (traditional advertising, direct mail, phone calling) for promotion but, in today’s Internet-driven world, you must have a strong online presence that delivers on a single goal: profitable customer action.

To accomplish this goal, you must:

  • Have multiple online properties (website, blog, social media accounts, landing pages)
  • Aggressively use all forms of content marketing, including search marketing, inbound marketing, editorial advertising, public relations, email marketing, social media, eLearning, and newsletter marketing
  • Maintain an effective search engine optimization effort
  • Take advantage of online advertising (e.g., pay-per-click advertising, group buying platforms, retargeting)

When combined together, all of these activities are called “online lead generation.”


If online lead generation is so important to show off expertise, why is this activity such a burden for most people?

The reason is that the most powerful marketing medium on the planet — the Internet — has become horrendously complex. In addition, most suppliers don’t possess the four necessities for great marketing: creative strategy, multi-media content marketing, cutting-edge technology, and brilliant design.

Therefore, rarely are the desired end result of profitable growth what they should be.

Goodlook Marketing’s Lead Generation Services

The universal need for more customers is why Goodlook Marketing developed its get-the-job-done lead generation services.

We work in all media formats – online, mobile, offline – and have expertise across all four necessities for great marketing, with unique capabilities in video, audio, and marketing automation.

Goodlook Marketing has invested in the people and the online technologies to make it possible for our clients to gain the full lead-generation power of the Internet without having to deal with its complexity. We have a fanatic focus on keeping things simple, fast and easy, so we never make unrealistic assumptions about what our customers can do, want to do or have time to do.

We have a strong belief in the critical importance of an “authority website” being the hub of an organization’s lead generation efforts — with these eight goals:

  • Traffic – getting people to visit your online properties
  • Conversion – getting visitors to take some sort of action so you can interact with them again
  • Pre-Frame – getting visitors predisposed to do business with your organization
  • Credibility – convincing visitors they should feel confident in doing business with your organization
  • Personality – differentiating by demonstrating your organization is operated by real people with whom visitors can relate
  • Fully-Integrated – ensuring your online and offline marketing initiatives are tied together for maximum impact
  • Well Maintained – doing the necessary things on an ongoing basis to ensure your Internet properties are up-to-date – both technically and in content
  • Management Loved – having an online presence that your management team really likes so they encourage their prospects and customers to visit

Because of this “website-is-the-hub” belief, we’ve invested heavily in a backend website infrastructure optimized for experts who want to “be seen as the recognized authority in their market niche” and who want to have their website generate profitable customer action.

By having this backend website infrastructure as the starting point for all website development projects, we can be uniquely efficient. We then pass on this efficiency to our clients and can produce a website with a market value of over $20,000 for a fraction of that price.


  • Comprehensive, fully-integrated website (with blog/landing pages and meeting all of the above goals): starting at $7,000
  • Add-Ons
    • Shopping cart integration Request Quote
    • Automation system integration see Automation Systems
    • Social media account setup and design (for all needed accounts for your organization): starting at $800
    • Ongoing search engine optimization: starting at $200/month
    • Online advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising): starting at $300/month
    • Content marketing services: Request Quote