Our services go beyond just content marketing

For more than two decades the team at Goodlook Marketing has contributed to the growth of hundreds of clients in almost every industry, from venture-funded startups to Fortune 500 companies.

With the explosion of content marketing we narrowed our focus in 2011 (see our six primary services), but we still maintain strong expertise in traditional marketing services, including:

Marketing Strategy

Developing a well-thought-out marketing strategy is the first step in any engagement with Goodlook Marketing. But we try out best to keep things simple.

We’re guided by the Three Ms of Marketing™ – Market, Message, Media – in that order.

Before starting a project we ensure there’s a clear understanding of both the target customer (the Market) and what will be communicated (the Message — see Copywriting below). Only then do we select which are the best Media to communicate the Message to the Market (e.g., website, direct mail, social media, newsletter, online video, podcast, online advertising, traditional advertising, group buying platforms).

Our marketing strategies are never piecemeal; we always leverage our expertise in both offline and online marketing to deliver integrated plans focused on driving online traffic, lead generation and sales results.

Graphic Design

While every element of a marketing campaign is important, outcomes are almost always poor without great design and branding.

Whether working on a print, three-dimensional or online project, we prioritize having a strong, consistent aesthetic foundation that also optimizes customer response.

Ensuring logos, colors, font styles and graphic elements are consistent across all marketing materials allows us to focus on driving short-term sales without sacrificing long-term brand building.

Our goal is to create professional and stunning designs that are timeless, a critically important requirement for the long-term establishment of a brand.

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Marketing copy is often viewed as just the company tagline and text in traditional advertisements. Instead, it should be seen as the massive number of words – written and spoken – that are associated with ALL prospect and customer interactions.

Copy is the embodiment of a company’s Message (see above) and includes what is written in brochures, newsletters, direct mail pieces, websites, blogs, social media and advertisements – as well as the script of a video/audio, a company’s on-hold telephone recording and what a customer service/sales rep says when talking to a prospect or customer.

Traditionally, there was a single goal of good copywriting: be compelling to drive a response (generate a lead or make a sale). With the explosion of the Internet, there’s now another requirement: be optimized for Internet search engines. We are experts in both.

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