Grow your business using story-driven information marketing

“Story” is generally defined as a noun. However, it can also be defined as a verb, which is how we prefer to use it at Goodlook Marketing (as in “story your business”).

Story-driven marketing stirs up people’s emotions and creates personal connections in a way that just can’t be accomplished with traditional marketing.

To be effective at story-driven marketing, you must:

  • Identify the stories about your business that will drive sales
  • Know how to tell these stories in a compelling fashion
  • Share these stories via podcasts, teleseminars or audio books

Podcasts are audio or video programs that are aired on a regular basis on iTunes and other podcast networks. A podcast is generally 20 to 40 minutes, but can be of any length. Teleseminars are live (and, often, recorded) video or audio teleconferences used to share information. Audiobooks are audio recordings of written books.

Goodlook Marketing — experts in narrowcasting

Goodlook Marketing, located in Milwaukee Wisconsin, brings an outstanding team to its podcasting and audio services (also known as narrowcasting) – including a talented sound engineer, an experienced music composer and a range of other creative personnel.

Recordings occur in a professional recording studio or by calling in via Skype or a landline telephone. Professional equipment is used and an audio engineer/ producer is always present to ensure a quality recording – both in content and sound.

Once recorded, our team edits the recording, which includes filtering to remove unwanted noises, balancing the volume and adding an intro/outro and, if wanted, other sounds effects. The piece is then mastered to allow the volume to be set at any level without distortion.

Once complete, the recording can be privately and cost-effectively hosted and distributed/published to a wide range of locations using our Content XLerator technology.

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To learn more about story-driven marketing, please read our report: The Renaissance Of Content And Story-Driven Marketing: Learn how marketing strategies from the turn of the century have become the only viable approach to marketing your business (one of the many valuable reports available when you sign up to get a free 3D animation of your logo).

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