Multimedia content creation, private hosting and distribution/publishing from a single user interface

Implementing content marketing and eLearning requires these two steps.

  1. Create content – in all media formats: video, audio, image, file, and text – that is relevant, valuable and story-driven
  2. Distribute/publish this multimedia content to every location where it possibly needs to reside (website, membership site, shopping cart, learning management system, video repositories, social media accounts, email system, podcast directories, online retailers)

Making this happen has these three primary challenges:

  1. Dealing with the complexities of using video and audio, which are rapidly replacing text as the preferred online communication media
  2. Collecting “user”-generated content, especially in video and audio formats (e.g., testimonials, stories, reviews, case histories, news submissions)
  3. Distributing/publishing content — in all media formats — to the numerous online properties listed above

Content XLerator eliminates these challenges by enabling content authors (including “users”) — via a single user interface and using any Internet-connected device (e.g., smartphone, tablet, computer) — to:

  • Easily record/upload content of all media types: video, audio, image, file, and text, including podcasts
  • Select destinations for this multimedia content from list of all online properties

The system then distributes/publishes this multimedia content to the selected destinations (where possible, natively) — as well as privately hosting this content and enabling its display in any browser.

We recognized the compelling need for an application with these capabilities back in 2010 and, as a result, first put this system into beta testing in 2011. Content XLerator was officially launched in 2015.


  • Content Marketing: employee-produced and user-generated (testimonials, stories, reviews, case histories, news submissions) in all media formats and via a single user interface
  • eLearning: learning management system (LMS) integration — student submissions of video/audio (assignments, testing, forum interactions) — private content hosting
  • Live Training: students record video/audio of role plays and demonstrations on their smartphones, which are immediately posted to the instructor’s website for viewing and critique in class, as well as documentation that learning has taken place
  • Video & Audio Email: integrates with any email system
  • Content Syndication: multimedia content publishing to a network of online properties (websites, social media accounts) via a single action

Content XLerator is particularly suited for organizations in the categories of training, information marketing, real estate, fitness, business services, home services, specialty medical practices, public safety, and product businesses with an online store.

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