Focused on making our clients the preeminent expert among their competitors

In 2009 the founders of Goodlook Marketing, based in Milwaukee Wisconsin, decided to take their decades of experience contributing to the growth of hundreds of companies in almost every industry, from venture-funded startups to Fortune 500 companies, to create a different type of marketing agency.

The founders understood the power of a small to mid-sized business being viewed as the preeminent expert among their competitors – so this phrase became Goodlook’s mantra:

“Be seen as the recognized authority in your marketing niche”

We accomplish this goal via these world-class services: video production, marketing automation, custom websites, eLearning programs, podcasting & audio, and publishing services. Using an integrated mix of brilliant design, professional marketing, standout videos and innovative technology, our emphasis is on using Content Marketing to drive search engine optimization, lead generation and sales.

All Media Formats — Innovative Technology

We work in all media formats – offline, online, mobile – with a unique expertise in video, audio and marketing automation. We also offer a breakthrough solution to the complexities of online video/audio management and multimedia content distribution via Content XLerator™.

One of the company’s first clients was the Packers Hall of Fame in Green Bay Wisconsin, for which Goodlook developed a sophisticated online system. Because the NFL would not allow the posting of video to YouTube (trademark issues), Goodlook developed its own cloud-based, multimedia content hosting and distribution platform, which has evolved into the company’s proprietary Content XLerator technology.

Primary Services

Again, the world-class services we offer to ensure our clients are viewed as the preeminent expert in their market niche are:

Goodlook also provides traditional marketing services.

Although we work with all market niches, Goodlook Marketing has particular expertise in these industries: real estate, fitness, business services, home services, information marketing, specialty medical practices, and public safety.

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